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Traditional pottery making

Date of inscription: 

Below you can find a short description of an element listed in the Slovene Register of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Photo: S. Borovičanin, 2009

Pottery making involves the production of hand-made clay vessels and other objects, involving knowledge connected with the preparation of materials, the use of tools, design and decorational skills, and the firing of products. Traditional production techniques and forms of products are thus preserved.

The bearers (8) of the element are: 

1. Franc Kremžar (not active)

2. Štefan Zelko, 

3. Lončarstvo Bojc, Janez Bojc, 

4. Jakob Nosan, 

5. Pogorelec Janez, Lončarstvo Pogorelec - Češarek, 

6. Saša Žuman, Lončarstvo Saša Žuman, 

7. Sabina Kremžar Pančur, 

8. Andreja Stankovič.