Making gingerbread

Date of inscription: 
Selling of gingerbread. Photo: A. Jerin, 2015

Making gingerbread is a traditional craft connected with the production and sale of gingerbread (lect), a decorated pastry made from honey dough, which is baked in tin moulds to make various shapes and figures. It can be connected with the production of honey products and candle-making.

The bearers of the element of the intangible cultural heritage are (3): 

1. Perger 1757, Medičarstvo, lectarstvo in svečarstvo d.o.o., 

2. Jože Andrejaš, s. p., Muzej, lectarska delavnica, gostilna in penzion Lectar, 

3. Medičarstvo Celec, Gregor Celec s.p..