Slovenski etnografski muzej

Intertwined Worlds: The Non-European Collections in the time of the Non-Aligned Movement
from 09.05.2024 to 08.09.2024
60th anniversary of the establishment of the Museum of Non-European Cultures in Goričane
Asia in the Heart of Ljubljana: The Life of the Skušek Collection
from 29.05.2024 to 31.08.2025
We invite you to discover the exciting story of the Austro-Hungarian naval officer Ivan Skušek Jr., who returned to Ljubljana with his family from war captivity in China over a hundred years ago. He...
Exhibition building. Photo: Larisa Matijevič
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Summer Museum Night at SEM
Welcome to the Summer Museum Night at SEM. You can chose between free visits of our exhibitions, a...
Saturday, 15. June 2024 - 18:00
Razstavna hiša
from 25.04.2024 to 08.09.2024
personal exhibition by Nina Zdravič
The exhibition presents the Berber arts and crafts as the carriers of memories interwoven with the stories of people and places.
Man and Time: The First 100
from 22.06.2023
In its 100 years of operation, the Museum has collected some 40,000 objects of Slovenian and non-European cultural heritage ...
Folk art between home and the world: the SEM’s and IRWIN’s NSK Folk Art collections
from 22.10.2021 to 18.08.2024
An exhibition where Slovene folk art meets the global folk art of NSK State.
SEM Museum shop
Slovenia has been known for its rich arts and crafts tradition for centuries. In the museum shop, more than 40 selected...
100 Years of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum
Entrance to the exhibition Between Nature and Culture
from 09.03.2006
The treasure of the museum collections - the Slovene and world culture heritage of everyday and festive life with over 3000 exhibited objects
Plečnik's Lectarija
from 02.06.2022
… honey products and candles, craft knowledge and cooperation, friendship, love, and the stories of two families connected by Ljubljana and the Slovene architect Jože Plečnik …
The SEM for children and families
Have an adventure with your family at the museum! Get to know traditional Slovene crafts and delve into the secrets of...
Dog friendly museum
Slovene Ethnographic Museum is a dog friendly museum - a museum where dogs can enter but have to wait at designated areas.