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Cockta, the drink of your and our youth
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23. March 2020

Cockta, the drink of your and our youth

On 8 March 1953, at the ski jumping competition at Planica, employees of the company Slovenijavino first presented a new soft drink called Cockta Cockta.

On the Saturday morning at the address Frankopanska 11 in Ljubljana company lorries were loaded with bottles of the new drink, wooden crates and 30-40 advertising boards with stands. These showed, against a blue background, a tanned girl drinking Cockta through a straw. The poster was created by Uroš Vagaja. The price for a 250 ml bottle of Cockta was 30 dinars, which was a lot cheaper than a bottle of beer. The drink attracted a lot of attention and according to some sources soon ran out. Cockta is still present at ski jump competitions at Planica, which attract the world elite of ski jumpers and where world records are regularly broken.

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