Slovenski etnografski muzej

Exhibition building
6. December 2019
1. August 2021
dr. Janja Žagar

My Feet. My Shoes. My Way.

The exhibition is dedicated to the coexistence of feet and footwear, their variable shapes and meanings over geographical and temporal dimensions, and their roles in the organization of individual micro worlds.

The exhibition narrative reveals many aspects of footwear beyond its material form and a number of issues that transcend the seeming self-evident nature of our daily choices and uses.

How do I observe my feet and how do I regard those of other people? And the footwear – how do I perceive it, select it, and make use of it? Do I experience it from the outside or from the inside? Why do I discard some shoes and keep others?

Are my shoes truly just a piece of garment on my feet, as they seem at first glance?


Pogled na razstavno sobo. Foto: Blaž VerbičPogled na vitrino. Foto: Blaž VerbičČevljarska delavnica Vodeb. Foto: Blaž VerbičObutev otroka. Foto: Blaž Verbič