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Ljudska umetnost med domom in svetom: Zbirki SEM in ljudske umetnosti NSK skupine IRWIN
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29. December 2021

Folk art between home and the world: the SEM’s and IRWIN’s NSK Folk Art collections

An exhibition where Slovene folk art meets the global folk art of NSK State. The author of the concept of the exhibition and the curator is Dr Bojana Rogelj Škafar, Museum Councillor at SEM.

With an exhibition featuring on the one hand a selection (more then 100) of representative objects from the collection of Slovenian folk art and, on the other hand, a contemporary global production of NSK Folk Art created by citizens of the NSK State, the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum interrogates the semantic framework of one of the collections of tradition and places it next to a collection of artefacts emerging in contemporary identification social processes. It communicates that the creation of a community identity is a well-considered process, within which the selection of symbolic visual components that should represent the community also takes place. In the case of the Slovenian nation, the sources of these components were objects of traditional culture, and in the case of the citizens of the NSK State, the contemporary artistic production of NSK.

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