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Etnolog 9/1 (1999)
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Talking about the "Other World". "Our" Conceptual Models and "My" Human Experiance

The author writes about the "other world" from two points of view. On the one hand she referes to the commonly shared perceptions (in a local community) and notions of a location, structure, and inhabitants of the "other world", as well as the relations between its inhabitants and those of the "our world". On the other hand she considers the same ideas from the personal point of view. In the second part of the paper she shall analyse some biographic stories telling about encounters with "what is beyond". She comments examples from two types of such stories:
a.) Stories about one's carrying away to the "other world": awake and asleep.
b.) Stories about dreams where someone from the "other world" is coming to tell us what he/she had seen there.
It is obvious that human beings need to reproduce the old ideas and images in order to humanise the space structures and to make them closer to their perception and emotions. Therefore, they transform the space in something that makes sense. "Sensible place" could be embedded in specific cultural phenomena and it could be connected with one's personal destiny.