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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 5 (1995)

Comparative survey of the function and typology of midwinter and carnival masks.


In 1957 Niko Kuret founded the Ethnographic Film Board with the Slovene Ethnographic Society as i


The article "A Come-back of the Shepherds?" is an unusual epilogue to the author's book (publishe


The article "The Fairs of Podsreda" is the result of the author's participation in the summer res

The reconstruction of Kebelj Tower is based on material remnants and written sources.

The author confronts the theoretical definition of residential culture, adapted to the specific e


The author presents a critical review of past interpretations of customs involving water as part


In the thirties anthropological science radically retreated from its naturalistic and metaphysica


Every cultural novelty, which interrupts dominant (folk) cultural patterns, produces a public res


Pisec se v članku ukvarja z vlogo ekomuzejev v splošni zgodovini muzejev, z nastankom in razvojem

An inventory and selection of objects was made in the farmhouse in Zgomja Radovna no.


The article presents valuable and interesting information on magic(al practices) in the southem p