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Etnolog 2/1 (1992)

The village Šmartno in the Goriška Brda area was surrounded by a wall featuring seven towers in t

In the article The production of peeled dried prunes (prunelles) in the Brda region the author de


The study Between death on a plate and a warden's love (on bird-catchins in the Brda region) star


In the article The colono and his landlord - two styles of living and two types of residential cu


The originally Italian leasing-system in which the lease was called colonia and the tenant (-farm


In the article Osvatina - pagan fire the author describes the almost forgotten custom of Osvatina

In the study Goriška Brda and the art of words four authors are treated: Alojz Gradnik, Ludvik Zo


In this article the author publishes (and comments on) maps and tables showing where dulcimers we


In the article Population migration from the Brda region in the years before the annexation by Yu