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Slovenski etnografski muzej

Etnolog 16 (2006)

The article entitled Stones, people and oxen (?), subtitled Memories of work in some Slovene mill


Originally, only people were treated with homeopathy, but in the early 19th century its use was s


A person’s body is a basic given and we communicate with our environment with our body.


Our review of older sources on clothing culture in Slovenia shows that the authors dealt intensiv


The article presents the author’s research into the phenomenon of the Alexandrian Women carried o


The Ambonwari from Papua New Guinea had a rich repertoire of songs and nearly all were connected


In popular beliefs (influenced throughout the centuries by strong elements of Christianity, its e


The slovene protestant Catechism, written by Primož Trubar and published in Tübingen in 1575, amo

The article is an essay on the theme of the permanent exhibition and its integration in museum re

The Slovene nation formed its identity in historical contacts with the peoples, nations, and stat


The article presents the inventory of the Ethnology Department’s museum collections at the Gorenj