Slovenski etnografski muzej

Številka revije 
Etnolog 12 (2002)
Matjaž Kmecl
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O Vodovnikovem humorju

The author presents Vodovnik`s humour from the viewpoint of Levstik`s definitions of popular literary taste, the issues of humour and the comic, the distinction between them, and how they show in Vodovnik`s songs. Though Levstik wrote about self-taught versifiers on several occasions, he never mentioned Vodovnik. But his definitions of popular taste and the role of humour fit the "Pohorje singer" almost perfectly. What essentially differs Vodovnik from the popular jokers from Dolenjska, described by Levstik, is that his songs show a wide range from crude comic humour to a humorous philosophy of life; and we can only regret that Levstik either did not know Vodovnik or ignored him.