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Etnolog 10 (2000)
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Based on documentary material the article presents the memories of the 1941-1945 period, related by three inhabitants of the village of Koritno. These are memories of their childhood and the harsher their childhood was, the more memories they have. To date several memoirs have been published on life in exile, but they are mainly memories of people`s life in concentration camps. However, some people were not only expelled, but also forcibly germanized, while others, who stayed behind, were in constant fear of being expelled. The article contains memories of the childhood of the latter group. These stories are recorded as accurately as possible, sometimes word by word. To be understandable, the use of dialect expressions was restricted to a minimum. The stories are complemented by quotations from Tone Ferenc`s articles in the collection Izgnanci (Expellees) and from his book Nacistična raznarodovalna politika v Sloveniji v letih 1941-1945 (The Nazi Germanization Policy in Slovenia in 1941-1945). I used them to complement, explain or substantiate people`s memories.